“…And Then there clearly was the Down Low”: Introduction to Black and Latino Male Bisexualities

“…And Then there clearly was the Down Low”: Introduction to Black and Latino Male Bisexualities

Although a current expansion of media has drawn awareness of “the brand brand new Down minimal event” (presumably “secretive” homosexuality among hitched Black males), fairly small studies have explored bisexual behavior and identification among cultural minority guys in america or elsewhere. Even though research of bisexuality in Ebony and Latino males is significant in its own right, disproportionate prices of HIV/AIDS among these males result in the present dearth of systematic information a lot more urgent and concerning. In this section that is special we now have put together a varied selection of empirical and theoretical views on Ebony and Latino male bisexualities. an extensive number of information regarding the person, social, and intimate life of the guys, and prospective relations to risk behavior, are presented. This informative article presents this body that is new of and provides ideas for future research guidelines for culturally appropriate interventions for Black and Latino bisexual guys.


On April 16, 2004, an episode that is new of Oprah Winfrey Show, “A Secret World of Intercourse: Living in the ‘Down Low’”, ended up being broadcast on tv displays throughout the world. A trailer for the episode warned audiences, “It’s a shocker. It really is called regarding the ‘Down Low’. Guys with wives and girlfriends sex that is secretly having other men. One guy blows the lid off this sexual underground” (oprah.com, 2008). Launching the episode, Oprah reported “J. L. King had been a gladly hitched dad of two but had been maintaining a secret…living that is dark the ‘down low’ seemingly residing a ‘straight’ lifestyle with a spouse and household, but secretly resting with guys” (oprah.com, 2008). A self-declared “HIV prevention activist, educator, and author” (as well as a “new man”) bore witness to his own 25-year experience of existing on the “Down Low” as a “secretly” bi-sexual Black man: “The desire overrode everything I knew,” King recalled during the course of one hour, special guest King. “It created this entire key life and made me make up stories and attempt to cover-up my tracks. It had been a life that destroyed my household” (oprah.com, 2008).

King ended up being barely the first to ever “blow the lid off” the existence for the evidently extensive bisexuality among Black guys. On August 3, 2003, the brand new York instances Magazine preceded Oprah having a substantial report about that which was called “an organized, underground subculture mainly comprised of Black men whom otherwise live straight lives” (Denizet-Lewis, 2003). Also almost a decade previously, writer E. Lynn Harris had written bestselling novels, including “Invisible Life,” “Just when I Am,” and “Abide with Me,” explaining the event of Ebony male bisexuality (Frieden, 2002).

Few might have expected, nevertheless, the effect an episode that live sexy webcam chat is single of may have on intimate tradition in the United States and past.

Just like Ebony males, because the advent of HIV/AIDS, the research of Latino male bisexuality in america happens to be highly from the emergence of this epidemic. Some scientists attemptedto transpose brand brand brand new labels onto Latino bisexual males in america with little theoretical foundation. As an example, Fox (1996) proposed a separate and distinct typology of “Latin bisexuality,” thought as “male people who use the role that is insertive anal or oral intercourse with another man, and consider themselves heterosexual” (p. 36). This typology reflects a stereotypical representation of specific intimate habits and will not take into account some of the complexities of Latino male bisexuality and possible relationships between ethnicity and sex. Nevertheless, research on homosexually- and bisexually-active Latino males has suggested that familiar Anglo-American kinds of intimate orientation are culturally particular and therefore their imposition on Latinos is problematic

Its of these reasons that people have actually tried to critically re-examine Ebony and Latino male bisexuality in this unique element of Archives of Sexual Behavior. We now have wanted to play a role in a brand new knowledge base, not merely concentrating on the “new Down minimal sensation,” but on bisexuality among cultural minority men as a whole. While bisexuality it self happens to be provided scant attention into the systematic literary works, Ebony and Latino male bisexuality deserves attention that is special. The current Down minimal discussion has elicited numerous concerns. Knowledge on cultural minority male bisexuality is mainly anecdotal. While urban myths are distributing, maybe with greater rate and voracity than HIV along with other sexually transmitted infections, a clinical comprehension of cultural minority male bisexuality has lagged. In this unique section, we’ve offered unique attention from general public health insurance and theoretical views.